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Dr. Weary, Brandie & Team,

We can't begin to thank you for the way you cared for Terri's sciatica and lower back pain when we were visiting in Prescott earlier this month. Your expertise, compassion and caring were greatly appreciated. You and your team made it so easy for us. From getting a TENS unit to taking care of insurance to working around Terri's other medical appointments. We can't thank you enough! Even the music in your clinic is restorative and healing. If we could have given 10 stars on your Google & Yelp reviews we would have! You all were truly a gift from God when we needed it most!
-Terri & Rob O'H.

"It has been just over a year ago, at the age of 84, I was referred to Dr. Weary by Neurosurgeon, Dr. Harvey Thomas. After an MRI, Dr. Thomaas determined I was not a good candidate for back surgery. I had severe lower back and leg pain and on pain medication. I had been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a slipped disc and arthritis. Also, my age was a factor. Dr. Thomas felt I should try chiropractic treatments and physical therapy before considering surgery.

Movement and my ability to function well with most activites were major concerns. I felt in my own mind I was headed for a wheelchair and would not be able to live independently. Coordinating the chiropractic treatments and physical therapy started me on a course that freed me of pain and able to have a much better quality of life. For months now I have been totally without pain, pain meds, movement is better, I feel great and have a lot more energy than I have had for a very long time. I know that I will always have to do the back exercises daily, have chiropractic treatments on a regular basis and keep the weight down. This will be a small effort considering the alternative.

My gratitude to Dr. Thomas for referring me to Dr. Weary, and to Dr. Weary's continuing guidance and expertise has given me a much healthier and comfortable way of life."
- Virginia N.

"Extreme leg and back pain for several years prevented me to do the things I enjoyed on a daily basis. I was ready to get off pain medication and resume doing simple things such as crafts and gardening. Keeping our bodies in proper alignment and working is a healthy way to live. Dr. Weary and his total team was the best thing that ever could happen. I feel well and secure in my new healthy body. The love and understanding from the staff is a beautiful thing, and will stay with me always."
- Maggie J.

"I had been experiencing neck pain since a car accident about 7 years ago. At its worst, the pain kept me up at night and interfered with my daily activities. I couldn't even stand anything on my neck such as a necklace or my stethoscope at work. Choosing Dr. Weary was easy for me because he listened to me and took my needs into consideration. Chiropractic care has eliminated my chronic neck pain. I now have no need for ibuprofen on a daily basis and sleep well at night. It is amazing how improved my outlook on life is!"
-Shannon W.

I wanted to thank Dr Weary for his chiropractic care, and for helping me to improve my overall well being. I cam in for my first visit with an old lower back injury and severe left-sided sciatic pain. Dr Weary gave me a spot-on diagnosis and incorporated an effective treatment plan that gave me relief. I've had these treatments since January, and I can honestly say that my pain is gone. As a recently retired nurse, having worked in the OB Dept and OR at YRMC East Campus, I would definitely recommend you to my family, friends and former patients. Also, your office is very professional. Thank you to all"     
- Terry E. RN, BSN

"I came to Dr Weary with severe low back pain. The tests showed that I might need to have surgery. After just a few treatments with Dr Weary, my pain was much relieved and within several weeks I was pain free. Now, I am resuming my normal activities and continue to be pain free. Thank you so much Dr Weary"  
‚Äč- Nancy C.